Responsible person photo

Responsible person

Tsukasa Ito

The issue that making efficient use of limited energy resource is attracted attention on a global scale.
We focused on that, and we developed “elesol-Plate “(The Plate for attenuating Electromagnetic waves)
There are various countermeasures even for one reduction of the electricity bill. Our Plate is satisfactory for companies that are taking these measures. We have already received inquiries not only from Japan but also from around the world, and we have introduced it.
We are committed to creating new value in the future and working hard to change the world with State-of-the-art technology.

Responsible person(Call centers) photo

Responsible person (Call centers)

Chiaki Yamaura

We believe that call centers are playing an important role by informing the clients first about the products. As we do so for our product elesol. Setting an appointment only, will not always lead to a contract, so what we care the most about is, of course, the quality of the response, we also think that it is to get an appointment on their welling. Our vision for the soon future is to distribute our products to the whole world not only inside Japan, so we would like to accumulate the knowledge of how to reach there.

Research and Development photo

Research and Development

Tsuyoshi Oka

“elesol-Plate “is a composite metal which has been mixed by special processing. By using the noise filter function, elesol can reduce the electric loss caused by unstable noise. Construction or maintenance is unnecessary for the product, We think that it is attractive that we can hit the 10% reduction line effective semi-permanently. However, development is less likely to be successful and sometimes it seems that the minds fail, we are happy that our clients are satisfied with the current situation, but we are looking for more, and we will continue to develop the products that our clients would be delighted to use.