Blessed with business opportunities at overseas companies, Middle Eastern companies recognized the product as a well power saving product and trials began in the countries.
When we conducted an installation test at a manufacturing factory in the Middle East, the electricity consumption fell sharply and it was decided to introduce. We reached a sales contract in the countries.
From 2017, attributed to the clear installation effect and results, the power-saving plate project has shifted its business to overseas.
Gaining credit by rapidly increasing case studies and showing significant power savings, the number of adopters has increased, and the overseas expansion has become the main axis of the business now.
We send salesmen from Japan and provide distributors with a 4 month period to instruct them from training to test introduction and we are subsequently expanding the introduction by following the sales of wholesalers and sales agents.
Why is our product more effective to save electricity in foreign countries?
This is just our assumption, but We think that older buildings will have more noise in the electrical current, and the "noise removal effect" by the plate will appear more prominently, resulting in the lower consumption.
In overseas, 90% or more of the installation effects have been obtained, and the result has shown that the electricity consumption drops from 15% to 20% on average.
There are also many inquiries from Europe, where the electricity cost is said to be high in general and for the EU, We’ve acquired the CE mark ( The standard conformity mark when exporting products to Europe) and sales are growing steadily as a popular power saving product.
We are looking to expand our sales route to Japanese companies based in overseas and eventually contribute to reducing the electricity consumption all over the world.

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