I use LEDs on my property can I expect any further reduction?

Yes, LEDs users, companies that have changed their lights to LEDs and even used other energy saving systems can still expect a reduction.

How much can I reduce?

You can expect an average of 10% reduction effect.

How long can I use elesol?

elesol can be used indefinitely. This is because it does not use electrical equipment or machines.

Are there any energy-saving products like elesol on the market?

There are products like LEDs, electronic breakers, new power companies, demand controllers, geothermal and heat utilization systems. However, those products incur time and high costs in capital expenditures. elesol is a product that can deliver it with less cost.

How do I set up elesol?

Our professional staff will set it up for you.

Can I confirm if there has been a decrease in electricity consumption?

After elesol Installation, you can verify the previous months and years consumption.

Will elesol affect my electrical equipment ?

elesol does not affect the electricity negatively at all so it will not damage the breaker or other machines.

Does it affect the voltage?

There is no impact on the voltage or the electrical circuit.