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Premium Water HDFactory

While electricity usage decreased, output increased.

Premium Water Holdings, which is becoming a leading company in the water delivery industry, produces around 90,000 tons of natural water (1 bottle having 12 Liters) in its factory in Fuji, Yamanashi. The company digs natural water from the ground, and elesol is contributing massively to raise its efficiency by cutting electricity costs which are used to manufacture the 12 Liter bottles.

"If the cost reduction is so efficient, we should start using it professionally", said the director Michio Takei of Premium Water Holdings to elesol's salesperson in early 2017. In their factory, the product has undergone a testing phase from October to December 2016, where the electricity usage for 1000 natural water bottles was inspected. Compared to last year's rates, the electricity usage was 19.3% lower. The director said, that even though the output was higher this year, the absolute numbers for electricity usage were still lower.

In the beginning, he was sceptical about the fact that simply taping it on the breaker would reduce the electricity bill. However, now he has over 100 plates installed in his factory. He states: "depending on the season the exact numbers vary, but on average the electricity bills are reduced by 20 %. That's about 600,000 yen per month at the least". The benefits that elesol brings to this company are tremendous.

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